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Information on CIEL's French Colloquium this November

[The following information pertains to another CIEL colloquium being hosted this year, predominantly in the French language. More details at]

"An unforgettable journey to the heart of the Roman Liturgy"

Because the renewal of the liturgy is at the heart of Church life, the International Centre for Liturgical Studies has, for the last 10 years, organised liturgical days in order to increase knowledge and love of the Church's liturgy : source and summit of Christian life, and to publish its works throughout the world.
In collaboration with the Una Voce Association, and with the support of La Nef magazine and the weekly L'Homme Nouveau, CIEL is organising an exceptional journey to Rome from 9 th-12 th November 2006.

In the company of Church and lay personalities, these days will be the occasion to discover the treasures of the Eternal City through guided visits every afternoon. Each morning, conferences accessible to laymen will shed light on the liturgical questions which are at the heart of Church life. Liturgical events, a spiritual concert, exceptional meetings will complete this voyage which will be both a spiritual highpoint and a pleasant stay.

A rich programme of cultural visits

Benoit Neiss , former director of the institute of literature at the University of Strasbourg, musician, choir-master, co-founder of the European Centre for Sacred Art of Pont-à-Mousson, of the Study Centre for Sacred Arts of Strasbourg, President of Una Voce France, is co-ordinator of the cultural programme of the Colloquium.

Three programmes are on offer for your stay with a cultural and spiritual accompaniment every afternoon

Classical Programme

Day 1 : ancient Rome, tour beginning at the Colisseum, Constantine’s Arch, the Roman Forum, the Capitol, Ara Coeli, Mamertime, Vittoriano, Venice Place.

Day 2 : Saint Peter’s : Basilica, dome, Vatican crypt, colonnades.

Day 3 : Tour in the historical centre : People’s Place, Spanish Place, Mount Trinity, Fountain of Treviso, Pantheon, Saint Louis-des-Français, Navona Square.

Spiritual Programme

Day 1 : Saint John Latran, Scala Santa, Bapistry, Holy Cross of Jerusalem.

Day 2 : Mausoleum of Constance and Saint Agnes’ catacomb.

Day 3 : Saints and holy places in Rome : Mamertime Prison, Ara Coeli, Gésu, Saint Ignatius, Saint Mary, Sopra Minerva, Saint Agnes.

“Deepening” Programme

Day 1 : From the Janicule to the Campo dei Fiori (Garibaldi Square, Tempietto de Bramante, Farnesine, Farnese Palace, Campo dei Fiori).

Day 2 : Saint Clement and the Coelius (Roman houses, San Stefano Rotondo, Agapé’s library).

Day 3 : Holy Angel Castle and the museum of the guardian angels.

An intellectual contribution to the renewal of the liturgy in the Church

Each morning a series of conferences, accessible to all, to increase understanding and knowledge of the liturgy

* The liturgy in the historical context of the Church in the 20 th century
Professor Luc Perrin , Historian and conference master in Church history at the Catholic Theology Faculty in Strasbourg

* Liturgy and morality : worship and religion according to Saint Thomas Aquinas
Father Luc-Thomas Somme, OP , Former dean of the Theology Faculty of Toulouse, professor at the University of Fribourg

* The place for canonial liturgy
Father Michel Gitton, Rector of the Collegiate Church of Saint-Quiriace in Provins

* Participation in the liturgy “sensus fidei and sensus ecclesiae”
Dom Marc Aillet , Vicar General in the diocese of Toulon-Fréjus, member of the Saint Martin community

* The mystical significance of the mass
Father John Saward , Professor of dogmatic theology at the Institute of Theology of Gaming and of theology at the seminary of Philadelphia

* Liturgical inculturation in the philosophies of John-Paul II and Benedict XVI
His Excellency Mgr Basil Meeking , Emeritus bishop of Christchurch (New Zealand), former member of the Secretariat for the promotion of unity of Christians

* Liturgy and modernity
Father Jonathan Robinson , Superior of Saint Philip Neri Oratory in Toronto and rector of the Oratorian seminary of Saint Philip

* Attention and liturgy, an approach on liturgical participation
Professor Olivier Henri-Rousseau , Professor at the University of Perpignan, doctor of physical sciences, philosophy degree

* The liturgical thoughts of Cardinal Scheffczyk
Father Johannes Nebel , Former professor at Saint Anselm’s, in charge of training at the Famille Spirituelle de l'oeuvre (FSO) of Bregenz

A spiritual high point in the heart of the Eternal City

Liturgical celebrations in the traditional rite each day at Saint Peter’s,

Saint Mary Major’s,…

A concert of sacred music with Mgr Pablo Colino, canon of Saint Peter’s

Attendance at the Holy Father’s Angelus, the possibility to spend time at John-Paul II's tomb...

Meetings with personalities

The exceptional testimony of Princess Alessandra Borghese : “The liturgy at the source of my conversion” with Mgr Rudolf-Michael Schmitz

Bishops, numerous priests, members or superiors of communities will accompany us, personalities from the intellectual world or the press, as well as participants from many different countries who share the same love of the liturgy.

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