Sunday, October 15, 2006

Some more CIEL 2006 pictures...

Here are a few more CIEL 2006 pictures. Pictures from the conference papers will come with the report which is now almost complete. These pictures will be just a few more from the liturgies and from the socializing. (Credit for these photographs goes to CIEL USA, excepting the first picture which is courtesy of the Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem.)

Solemn Vespers of the Exultation of the Cross: Fr. Lang in the fore, Msgr. Gordon Read, celebrant, and the Rev. Dr. Laurence Hemming also assisting. Also visible are two of the Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem who acted as acolytes through the Colloquium.

The setting of Compline each evening was done solely in candlelight, finished off by the Salve Regina. It made for a beautiful end to the day.

Of course, the day didn't necessarily have to end at Compline. The College Pub was open and after that there was the Fellows Hall which was made available to us. This led into many discussions going well into the night.

The Mass of the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary: The celebrant was Dom Oppenheimer, Prior of the Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem. The Canons Regular, an order with habit, do not wear a biretta, but rather wear the hood up. It's a moving sight to see this very monastic feature.

Solemn Vespers on the Feast of the Seven Sorrows: Led by Msgr. Frank Chiodo of the USA.

A picture from the Merton College Dining Hall where we were treated to so many fine meals and so much fine conversation.

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