Monday, October 30, 2006

Some "new" used books: Latin Liturgy of the Hours, Cath.Encyc. set, Gothic architecture, Eastern Christian, liturgical, etc.

Liturgia Horarum
4 Volumes (Complete)
Leather edition

Description: The Latin edition of the "Liturgy of the Hours", or post-conciliar breviary in use by most priests today. The condition is very good, and the set was owned by a Cardinal. Other than his signature in the front end paper, the volumes are clean, ribbons there, etc. Very nice.

Price: $300.00 plus shipping.

The Catholic Encyclopedia
1913 Edition, 16 vols. Complete.

Description: This is actually the nicest binding of the Catholic Encyclopedia I've seen, with black leather (or leather like at any rate) spines with the raised bands and gold embossed text. The corners of the covers are similarly bound in this black leather material, with a deep green cloth being the rest of it. The only caveat is the vols 1-15 are from this set, but the Index volume is actually from another deep=green cloth set. However, if you had to have an odd volume, it would be the index, and fortunately the deep green cloth of that volume is the same as the deep green on the other portion of the covers I described.

The set is in good shape. Some scuffing of course, but the bindings are all tight. Marbled end-papers complete the nice touches to this particular set.

Price: $400.00 plus shipping

Lauds, Vespers and Compline in English
Taken from the Hours of the Divine Office in English and Latin

A very nice edition of these primary offices of the Tridentine breviary (English only) for Lauds, Vespers and Compline. A very good volume for one wishing to pray the traditional Roman breviary.

Price: $50.00

Butler's Lives of the Fathers, Martyrs and Other Saints
4 Volumes (Complete)

Description: Pretty well the edition you want to own. The books are nice oversized volumes, with deep green binding and beautiful gold-embossed designs on the spine and front cover. The set also includes gorgeous, medieval/renaissance style full-colour plates of a large number of saints throughout each volume. Published around the 1920's or 1930's and still in good shape.

Price: $200.00

The Mass of the Roman Rite (Vol. 1)
Josef Jungmann
Hardcover with Dustjacket

Price: $50.00

The Small Roman Missal

Description: a nice, hardcover Tridentine Missal with traditional art inside. Published in the 1930's.

Price: $20.00

My Catholic Faith
Rev. L.L. Morrow
Hardcover with Dustjacket still. 3rd ed. 1954

Description: You've probably all seen this book. It's the one that includes gorgeous, detailed drawings of the traditional liturgical ceremonies of the Church, including the seven orders, all as part of a catechism for children and young adults. Popular enough to have been reprinted, but you seldom see the hardcover edition in this good of shape.

Very, very handy if you're raising your children in the classical liturgical rites. The drawings are extremely attractive and inspiring to adults even.

Price: $30.00

The Bible and the Liturgy
Jean Danielou
Description: a classic from the Notre Dame Liturgical Studies Series
Price: $20.00

Liturgical Piety
Louis Bouyer
Description: Another liturgical classic. The cover is a little worn, but otherwise good.
Price: $15.00

The Meaning of Sacred Scripture
Louis Bouyer
Description: Also from the Liturgical Studies series. Very good shape, hardcover with dustjacket and mylar cover.
Price: $20.00

Liber Usualis Officii
Description: The Divine Office portion of the Liber Usualis
Price: $40.00

The Roman Martyrology
Hardcover with Dustjacket
3rd Turin ed. 1952.
Price: $30.00

Trojan Horse in the City of God
Dietrich von Hildebrand
Description: Von Hildebrand's post-conciliar account.
Price: $20.00

A Treasury of Russian Spirituality
G.P. Fedotov
Clean paperback copy in extremely good condition. Rare find.
Price: $40.00

The Irish Priests in the Penal Times, 1660-1760
From the State Papers of H.M. Records Office, the Bodelian Library and the British Museum
Rev. William P. Burke
Price: $100.00

Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches in Latin and English
CLSA edition
Price: $80.00

This is the Mass
Fulton J. Sheen
(with photos by Karsh)
Price: $10.00

Catechism of the Council of Trent
Price: $20.00

Synopsis Theologiae Dogmaticae
A.D. Tanquerey
3 volumes, hardcover.
Price: $30.00

Medieval Structure: The Gothic Vault
Acland, hardcover
Price: $50.00

La Messe (2 vols.)
A.M. Roguet, O.P.
Price: $15.00

Addresses to Cardinal Newman with His Replies, 1879-81
Longmans, hardcover. A rare find in extremely good condition.
Price: $175.00

Correspondence of John Henry Newman with John Keble and Others, 1839-1845
Longmans, hardcover.
Rare find.
Price: $75.00

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