Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Le Barroux: 2 new liturgical DVD's available

Le Barroux has up a couple of new liturgical DVD's that have just been released. (I will provide a review of them in the coming month).

Title: Dedication of the Abbatial Church of Le Barroux

Description: Republication of the dedication of October 2, 1989, celebrated by the Cardinal Gagnon at St-Madeleine Abbey. Beautiful moments of this rare and unforgettable ceremony, with brief [French] comments which make it possible to follow more easily unfolding of it. Duration 45 min. E14.90

Title: Pontifical Mass at the Abbey of St-Madeleine

Description: Pontifical mass of the Sacred Heart in Le Barroux, celebrated by the founder and great Abbot, Dom Gerard Calvet in 1990. This film, republished here in DVD, makes it possible to make discover the beautiful Gregorian and monastic liturgy in all its glory. The images are accompanied by a discreet commentary [in French]. Duration 45 mn. E14.90

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