Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ward Method offered as Fall workshop

The International Centre for Ward Method Studies is offering a class in the Ward Method of Music Instruction for Catholic Schools. The same Ward Level I course that is offered every summer at the Catholic University will be offered in workshop format, beginning this weekend.

The Ward Method of Music Instruction is a progressive method of teaching elementary school children – through vocal instruction – music theory, composition and conducting. The Method was developed to teach American Catholic school children the fundamentals of music so that they would be able to sing the vast repertoire of sacred music which is a part of the Roman Catholic Church’s tradition. The Ward Method is unique in that it has a basis in Gregorian chant.

Session 1: Oct. 6-7
Session 2: Oct. 20-21
Session 3: Nov. 3-4
Session 4: Nov 17-18

Fridays - 6-10 pm
Saturdays - 8-4 pm

All sessions will be held at St. Michael's Catholic School in Annandale, VA. The instructor is Amy Zuberbueler, the director of the Ward Centre of San Antonio, TX. Space is limited. Contact Candy Bartoldus for more information.

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