Saturday, March 06, 2010

Visitation of Cardinal Patriarch of Venice to FSSP Parish of San Simeon Piccolo

Today, in Venice, Italy, the Cardinal Patriarch of Venice, Angelo Cardinal Scola, visited the FSSP parish of San Simeon Piccolo, where a Solemn Mass was offered in his presence, celebrated by the parish priest, Fr Konrad zu Löwenstein.

Amongst those in attendance was the NLM's own Nicola de Grandi.

Present here with the Cardinal are (from left to right) Msgr. Angelo Amodeo (Ambrosian Canon of the Metropolitan Chapter of the Cathedral of Milan), Fr. William Barker, FSSP (formerly Master of Ceremonies at Wigratzbad), and Fr. Konrad zu Löwenstein, FSSP (parish priest of San Simeon Piccolo).

The Cardinal is received into the church and kneels in prayer.

The Cardinal is vested in cope and mitre. The NLM's Nicola de Grandi is the middle server seen here, holding the Cardinal's alb.

The prayers at the foot of the altar. The cardinal, vested in cope, joins in the prayers at the foot of the altar; the celebrant responds to the Cardinal.

Kyrie and Incensation of the Altar

The Cardinal is Incensed

Proclamation of the Holy Gospel

The Cardinal greeting the faithful

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