Monday, February 02, 2009

Candlemas in Connecticut

I attended a glorious, three-hour Tridentine blessing and distribution of candles, procession, and solemn high mass for Candlemas (celebrated, in anticipation, yesterday evening) in Norwalk, Connecticut that also coincided with celebrant Fr. Richard Cipolla's 25th anniversary of ordination to the priesthood. Music was an eclectic, well-executed mix of Byrd, Bach, chant, organ improvisations and even a dash of Messiaen. A taste of the lavish ceremony can be seen in the photos below. Turnout was so massive (five hundred plus) that they ran out of candles, programs and even consecrated Hosts. At least a dozen clergy assisted in quire. Visitors came from as far away as Manhattan, while the church's parishioners--a vibrant mix of young adults, big, sprawling local families, and elderly faithful, suggested the church of St. Mary's is going strong.

More here, courtesy our friends at the Society of St. Hugh of Cluny.

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