Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Church of Our Saviour, NYC

We have never had video footage from Fr. Rutler's parish in New York City, the Church of Our Saviour, as it has never been available to date, and so I was quite interested to run into this clip recently (quite by accident), from a usus antiquior Mass he offered there.

I would be very interested in footage and photographs of the celebration of the modern Roman liturgy in this parish as well.

Actually, this raises a pertinent point: I really wish to encourage our reform of the reform priests and parishes to consciously coordinate someone in your parish to occasionally photograph or record some of your parish liturgies, including those of a typical Sunday. These are important to help inspire other priests and to give them ideas, as well as to document the progress of the reform of the reform.

It is a belief of mine that the reform of the reform needs to work on promotion by means such as this.

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