Thursday, February 19, 2009

Detroit-Windsor to Host July 2010 Latin Liturgy Association National Convention

Those in the North-Central and North-Eastern parts of the USA and Canada may wish to make note in their long-term calendars of the following news sent into the NLM:

St. Josaphat – Assumption-Windsor –
St. Joseph – Sweetest Heart of Mary – St. Albertus
Jointly To Host the
2010 Latin Liturgy Association National Convention

After months of planning and meetings here and at Latin Liturgy Association headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, the host churches listed above and the Latin Liturgy Association are pleased to announce that Detroit and Windsor will host the next National Convention of the Latin Liturgy Association, Friday through Sunday, July 16-18, 2010.

The weekend of November 29, 2008, Latin Liturgy Association President James Pauer visited our area and the proposed host churches, and heard a presentation by the organizing parties. With our beautiful historic churches, accomplished music programs, and international angle, Detroit-Windsor won over the two other cities being considered.

Founded in 1975, the original charter of the LLA was to promote the celebration of the Ordinary Form of the Mass in Latin. After the Holy See’s publication of the 1984 indult Quáttuor Abhinc Annos, the LLA also began to promote the celebration of the Tridentine Form of Holy Mass.


Format of the Convention

Typically, the convention begins on a Friday morning, with a bus tour of historic churches. Detroit and Windsor have numerous architecturally significant churches that are ideal for such a tour. The bus tour visits churches that are not hosting any of the conference’s liturgical events, as people will visit those churches anyway. On Friday evening, the Rosary is recited in one of the host churches.

Saturday begins with a Novus Ordo Latin Mass. Talks by an international spectrum of speakers fill the rest of the day, with Vespers late in the afternoon and one more talk after dinner.

Sunday starts off with a talk, followed by a Solemn High Tridentine Mass – often a Pontifical Mass if it can be arranged. Lunch and more talks carry into the afternoon, and Benediction concludes the convention.

The liturgical events are spread across different churches. Historically, the LLA Convention has attracted 150-300 people, some from out of town, plus a significant local population. A vendor area in the hall where the talks are held lets a variety of businesses showcase books, vestments, and other pertinent items.


Source: "Tridentine Community News" (Detroit/Windsor), February 22, 2009

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