Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Update on the Baronius Latin-English Breviary

Many NLM readers have been eagerly awaiting news of the Baronius Latin-English edition of the 1962 Roman Breviary. You will perhaps be excited to see that the following has now appeared on the forthcoming titles section of the Baronius website:

Roman Breviary - Breviarium Romanum

Latin-English Breviary [side-by-side]
Flexible cover (Black Leather), 3-Volume Set, Size: 4.5" x 7", Item No: 5500

A good progress has been made on the much anticipated Roman Breviary and initial proofreading of the text has started. We are now in a position to show what it will look like, and some of the unique features it contains. When published, it will be the finest traditional Roman Breviary in both Latin and English in over 40 years.

It is based on the popular three-volume Collegeville Breviary in Latin & English, originally published in 1963.

Follows the text and rubrics promulgated by Blessed Pope John XXIII – the form of the traditional Breviary approved in Pope Benedict XVI’s Summorum Pontificum.

St Jerome’s traditional Gallican psalter from the Vulgate is given in the text of all the hours.

Scriptural texts in English follow the Confraternity translation (a 1940s revision of Challoner’s Douai-Rheims Bible), which have been thoroughly revised to conform to the Vulgate text.

Extracts from the Rituale Romanum (including the most commonly used litanies) given in an appendix.

Contains Penitential Psalms and the Office for the Dead.

Prayer card to include common prayers in Latin and English.

A copy of Learning the Breviary will be included.

Anticipated publication will be sometime in 2009. More details on pricing and the exact launch date will be made available once the Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat have been granted. At that point customers will have the opportunity to pre-order copies.

They provide a PDF to show some sample pages.

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