Sunday, February 08, 2009

FSSP tutorial DVD launched in England

On Thursday Fr Armand de Malleray FSSP launched the tutorial video, 'The Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite: An Instructional Video for Priests and Seminarians', in England, with a Mass and a reception in the London Oratory. The DVD has its own website where more can be learnt about it.

Fr de Malleray said Mass in the Little Oratory, a remarkable chapel which has been recently restored. It is a place of special significance for me personally since I got married there!

The reception afterwards was in St Wilfrid's Hall, and was well attended despite the snow which has been making life complicated in London. Fr de Malleray introduced the DVD by explaining its genesis in the Fraternity's training sessions in the United States, and the trouble taken over filming it by EWTN. We then watched Cardinal Hoyos' own introduction, and extracts from the DVD, including part of the commentary on the Mass by Fr Calvin Goodwin FSSP, and a demonstration of the different angles from which the action of the Mass can be viewed.

The DVD is extremely well produced, and I recommend it for interested laity as well as priests and seminarians. There are in fact two DVDs in the box, and it is packed with features. Among the pictures on this post is a photo of the screen during the viewing, showing the demonstrating priest, at the altar of EWTN's own chapel.

Although the DVD format is for North America, a good number were sold over the course of the evening. Many people in the UK have 'multi-region' DVD players and of course the DVDs can be viewed on a computer.

In the fullness of time the Fraternity is planning a European version of the DVD with a selection of European languages. The current one has the options of English and Spanish.

For more on the FSSP's very active apostolate in England, see their website here.

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