Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sexagesima Sunday in Rome: Father Vincenzo Nuara, O.P.

John Sonnen of Orbis Catholicus has made a report from Ss. Trinita today, of Mass offered there on Sexagesima Sunday by visiting priest and founder of Giovane e Tradizione and the Priestly Friends of Summorum Pontificum, Fr. Vincenzo Nuara, O.P.: Sung Mass in Rome: Father Vincenzo Nuara

As John notes, "The F.S.S.P. parish in Rome has had the pleasure to host many different clergy passing through Rome from all parts of the world. This has included Oratorians, Premonstratensians, Redemptorists and Dominicans, etc."

Of the three shown above, we have a Dominican, a member of the FSSP, and an Oratorian from the London Oratory. Trinita is certainly a very interesting place to be. Do make certain to visit it while you are in Rome and lend them your support.

Speaking of support, as an aside, I think we should all be very grateful to John Sonnen, who almost single-handedly keeps the English-speaking Catholic blog world up to date, not only of the goings-on at Trinita, but also of many other interesting sights and sounds of Rome. Thank you, John.

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