Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Forthcoming Book

I've been working to complete a book on Catholic music that should be available in a month or so. The purpose here is to raise much-needed scholarship money for the Sacred Music Colloquium, which is in June.

The CMAA has been flooded with applications but the well is dry, so I'm hoping that donating all revenue for this book, which I hope will sell, will help make it possible for priests, seminarians, women religious, music students, and others, to at least obtain some financial assistance.

The title of the book is Sing Like a Catholic, and it will be published by the CMAA. I'll update you as things progress here. It won't be a trail-blazing scholarly book but rather light reflections on trends in Catholic music toward Roman Rite ideals.

Play pray for its success in achieving the goal of not only raising some scholarship money but also in making some difference in parish music programs toward recovering the sacred.

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