Saturday, February 14, 2009

Officium Divinum - Traditional Roman Breviary Online

Yesterday, the NLM was sent news of an interesting intiative:

The site owner described the site accordingly:

This is an online dynamic version of the Breviarium Romanum according to the rubrics of 1961... each office of each day is constructed on the fly so that all of the appropriate prayers, hymns, psalms, commemorations, etc. are displayed with no input required from the user or needing to follow different links to obtain the required information. The layout is simple hopefully easy to follow, so I hope to be able to reach as wide an audience as possible. I think this site may be very useful to seminarians, for example, who are not normally required to recite the office daily, but may want to cultivate a traditional liturgical sense.


Future enhancements will hopefully include the option to localize the site (for example, to include local feasts), ability to generate PDF files for downloading/printing individual hours, optimization for mobile browsers such as the iPhone, and more. Though the site is not optimized for mobile browsers, the main content displays well on the devices I have tested, and the only problem areas are the page headers and footers. Even though the site is not 100% complete, it is definitely usable and hopefully will enable anyone who wishes to pray the traditional office.

They note that Matins is not yet complete, and that they are still proof-reading.

Take a look: Officium Divinum

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