Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thanks and Information for Rome Pilgrims

While I was in Italy, I had the great pleasure to meet a number of individuals who are either bloggers or visit Catholic blogs. There are some people I would like to specifically recognize however.

First, for the Milan portion of my journey, my friend and co-blogger, Nicola de Grandi, helped out significantly while in Milan, as did his friend Carlo. Thank you to them.

As for Rome, three in particular were of particular help. Gregory DiPippo, the Master of Ceremonies for the FSSP parish, is one of those people. John Sonnen of Orbis Catholicus is another and finally, Christopher Wells, John's roommate.

Each are good Catholic men who are intimately familiar with Rome, act in a liturgical capacity within the FSSP parish, and in the case of the latter two, are also students studying in Rome.

Part of the way in which these good folks "pay the bills" is to provide tour services to pilgrims coming into Rome. I saw and partook firsthand of their intimate knowledge of the history and sites of classical and Christian Rome.

To that end, I must encourage people to consider that if they are going to Rome and would like a tour, whether of the Vatican or some of the other sites of Rome, that they consider contracting out their services. (They do group tours as well incidentally). You will not be disappointed. Parish priests may want to consider using their services if they are coordinating pilgrimages with some of their parishioners.

In so doing, you will not only be helping out fellow Catholics interested in the cause of the liturgy, you will also be treated a great insiders view of Rome in its Catholic and liturgical context.

I am also pleased to report that Christopher and John will be very happy to offer a significantly discounted rate to any NLM reader.

If you're interested in acquiring their services, or making inquiries -- or if you know of friends who might be interested in them -- here is how you contact them:

John Sonnen

Christopher Wells

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