Sunday, June 15, 2008

More kneeling for communion at the Pope's liturgies [UPDATED]

We all remember that on the Feast of Corpus Christi, a kneeler was used for those receiving communion from the Pope. The question became, was this a one-off related to Corpus Christi?

At yesterday's Papal Mass in Maria di Leuca those receiving Communion from Benedict did likewise:

(Thanks to Amy Welborn for alerting me to this image from yesterday.)

Today was the same story. I'd also make note of the very nice mitre, vestments and pontifical dalmatic used.

Benedict continues to show why he merits, in my estimation, the popular designation of "the liturgical Pope" for he is quite evidently a Pope who is making the sacred liturgy to be one of the forefront issues of his pontificate -- in both his teaching, by decree and, perhaps most importantly, by his example. How very needed, fortuitous and providential.

Finally, the communion image:

(Thanks to another great NLM friend for pointing me to these photos, which came by way of the Papa Ratzinger Forum.)

As many parish priests have been encouraged (and continue to be encouraged) to use the "Benedictine altar arrangement" following the Holy Father's example, I am hopeful that many priests will now, having witnessed the example set by the Pope now three times inside and outside the Holy See, feel emboldened to begin to institute similar practices within their own parishes -- even if only as an option, and accompanied by catechesis to encourage and explain the merits of this practice in relation to the Eucharist, our theology and our tradition.

If you do, please send in your photos.

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