Thursday, June 26, 2008

Time to begin reflecting; A First Pass of One year ago

In the past while, I was asked to write a piece for a Catholic periodical providing a consideration and analysis of the response and effect of the motu proprio during this past year. This is in view of the approaching one year anniversary of the release of the text. (Incidentally, this partially explains my greater quiet these past days as I worked on concluding the final edits and submission of the piece.)

That now complete, I have been put to mind of what was going on a year ago this day, which was a time of great anticipation. I determined to look back into the NLM archives at this general period that was immediately leading up to the release of the motu proprio. Here are some of the NLM titles from that period as they related to the motu proprio:

June 25, 2007
Roman Ears are Tingling

June 26, 2007
Benedict and the Mass

June 27, 2007
Do we finally know the MP Date?
Ordinary and Extraordinary Forms of the Same Rite : Le motu proprio sur le missel de saint Pie V dévoilé aux évêques

June 28, 2007
Vatican Press office confirms yesterday's MP meeting

June 29, 2007
Il Giornale: More details about the contents of the MP?
An Eye-Witness account of the MP meeting
In the Beginning... Chronicle of the First Whispers of the Motu Proprio

June 30, 2007
Forthcoming papal decree authorizes expanded use of Tridentine Mass, Vatican says
New England news video on classical Roman rite
A Call to Prayer and the Watching of Our Tongues in this time of Grace

July 4, 2007
Summorum Pontificum
Fr. Fessio comments on the Motu Proprio

July 5, 2007
Post-MP terminology
Announce your MP Events; Share in your Joy and Celebration and Thanksgiving

July 6, 2007
A Fitting Prayer for the Eve of the Motu Proprio
As Official as it gets
The effect of the MP on Parish Priests

Early AM: July 7, 2007
Prepare Ye the Way...
After the Motu Proprio is released: advice from a Parish Priest
EWTN Special on MP

Which ultimately led us up to the actual release of the motu proprio itself. We'll revisit that, however, on the actual anniversary.

It is perhaps difficult to conceive where we were one year ago as compared to today. A consideration of the motu proprio itself and its effects, as well as the difference in the papal liturgies effected under Msgr. Guido Marini paint an astounding picture.

I might encourage our readers, if they have not already, to consider planning one year anniversary celebrations for Summorum Pontificum. If you are planning these, please share with us what you intend in the comments, and do send in your photos when the time comes. Let us relive the joy of the time.

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