Monday, June 23, 2008

Images from the Solemn Mass of the Anniversary of the CRNJ

As promised, here are some images from the sixth anniversary Mass of the Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem, celebrated at the Premonstratensian church of St. Michael's Abbey in California, under the watch of Fr. Abbot Eugene Hayes, O. Praem.

In addition to the liturgy itself, I'd like to highlight the incredibly beautiful gothic revival vestments being worn. These are, in my opinion, representative of some of the very best examples of the true gothic revival style made with noble materials and elegant cut. Do also take note of the splendid apparelled amices and albs. All very dignified and tasteful.

I hope others will take note of these as a template for gothic revival vestments.

[NLM note: As occasionally happens, the image hosting service I use is very slow today, so you may have to reload the page or come back later to see all the photos. Apologies.]

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