Friday, June 20, 2008

English Translation of Premonstratensian Rite Ceremonial in Progress

In order to encourage this and similar efforts, I wanted to give some preliminary information to the NLM readership that I think will be of note to a number of you who are interested in the diverse rites and uses found within the Western liturgical tradition.

A great friend and reader of the NLM is presently working upon an English translation of the Premonstratensian Ordinarius (or Ceremonial). This book contains all the ceremonies, liturgical and paraliturgical, of the Norbertine Order, followed until the changes which followed after the Second Vatican Council when the Premonstratensians adopted the Roman rite.

It is to be hoped that this book will serve as a pertinent resource, and I personally hope and pray that it will likely be of some assistance in the Premonstratensians in rediscovering their liturgical heritage.

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