Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fellay speaks to the June 28th Deadline and Response today on Public Radio

Via Rorate Caeli who picked up on this interview with the Superior General of the SSPX, Bishop Bernard Fellay, granted RTSI, an Italian-language Swiss public radio station:

Fellay: "I have already written a response
and we will see how Rome will react"

[17:45][Fellay:] Perhaps it is false to say, in such a way, directly, that I reject, that I propose a total rejection [of the conditions], that is not true. Rather, I see in this ultimatum a very vague, confused thing. But, in fact, I have already written a response and we will see how Rome will react.
[18:53] [Fellay:] For me, this ultimatum has no sense, because we have relations with Rome which go forward in a certain speed, which is truly slow. And it is true, on the other hand, that both the Cardinal [Castrillón Hoyos] and the Holy Father would wish for a rather accelerated speed. For me, the only meaning of this ultimatum is the expression of this desire of Rome to give it a little bit of hastiness. And for me it is not a reconsideration of all our relations.

[Interviewer:] "Then, you expect to continue in the dialogue, still?"

[Fellay:] Yes, yes, it is possible that there will now be a time of more, of coolness, but, frankly, for me, it is not over, no.

(Translation by Rorate Caeli)

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