Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Urgent Appeal for Prayers

The NLM comes to all of its readers, imploring your good and ardent prayers particularly now in these most pressing days and hours, that the proposal of the Holy See to the Society of Saint Pius X will be embraced.

To NLM Readers; A Proposal:

Will you each commit to offering at least one holy rosary tonight or tomorrow for the intention of Bishop Bernard Fellay and the Society of St. Pius X in this matter?

For the really eager, perhaps you will commit to offering one rosary each day for the next three days for this intention beginning now?

If you go to daily Mass, will you offer up your Mass intention for this?

Priests: Will you offer up your own Masses for this intention?

Let us storm the gates of Heaven with this intention.

Sometimes people feel that such things are not humanly possible, but let us remember that nothing will be impossible for God. Now is the hour for saints, not skeptics, so let us approach the matter with the fervour of the saints, imploring Divine Grace to shower down upon Bishop Bernard Fellay and the SSPX, Pope Benedict XVI, and all others involved.

Much good for souls, for the sacred liturgy and for the Faith can come from the SSPX embracing this arrangement, not only for the Society itself, but also for the entire Church.

So again, the NLM asks you: pray. If you cannot commit to the prayer proposal above then commit to small acts of prayer throughout the day for this matter.

And please, use the comments on this post to make your expressions of support, your pleas, and your intentions known in this matter. Perhaps they may be of some help and encouragement, one never knows.

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