Sunday, June 08, 2008

Report from Rome: First Mass of the new FSSP parish in Rome

I had the great delight to partake this morning in the first Mass offered in Ss. Trinita by the FSSP, with this now as their parish; in effect, bringing the establishment of this personal parish for the usus antiquior in Rome into reality.

I am pleased to report that all went extremely well. The choir was superb, singing a combination of chant (of course) and renaissance polyphony. In addition, on Saturday, the church was prepared for this occasion -- something I had the pleasure to partake in -- complete with the decoration of the high altar with numerous precious reliquaries that belong to the parish of Ss. Trinita. The ceremonial also went well and the church was standing room only with people lined down the sides and back of the church.

It was a glorious beginning to this most important apostolate.

I managed to record some video from this, as well as a number of pictures, including of the preparations, which I will share with you when I return late Tuesday. I will also be able to bring you some of the official photographs from this event.

Until then, I wanted to share this preliminary report from Rome with you.

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