Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A Reminder about the Comments and a Change

It is unfortunate that my first note from Rome has to be a reminder about the conduct that is expected on the NLM in the comments.

First, let me note that many of our commenters do a good job self-moderating, so kudos to them. That said, there are some who have more difficulty with this. So a reminder and a change.

First the reminder:

Individuals are expected to adhere to the standard of neither being polemical, reactionary or otherwise simply unpleasant in the comments.

Debate is welcome, as is critique, but these must be done in the proper spirit. I am presently sitting in the Angelicum in Rome and so may I ask that people consider St. Thomas when they consider how we should properly approach discussion and debate here.

Second, the change:

It seems that with me away and unable to moderate the comments as I normally would, another solution must be found, and I have determined to make this a permanent solution as I think it would be for the best, and it also takes a little of the burden off my own shoulders. Essentially the change is that I will no longer alone be modering the comments, but all NLM contributors will be so that we might ensure things do not get out of hand and that they likewise stay on track.

At the end of the day, this will be beneficial to everyone so that we might have the most fruitful discussions here possible -- an aspect that can be particularly rewarding on a blog.

So please folks, keep the comments coming, do ask questions, raise issues, issue critiques, but do it all in the spirit of scholastic discourse exemplified by the Angelic Doctor; do it without presumption and do it charity.

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