Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More from the FSSP in Rome; The Last Sunday Mass at San Gregorio's [UPDATED]

To truly appreciate what a significant advancement the new church of Ss. Trinita is, I think we must remember from whence the apostolate's roots came. The following images were taken by another on the occasion of the last Sunday Mass at San Gregorio's in Rome.

While in Rome I did have the pleasure to attend weekday Mass in this church -- really more of a chapel. In point of fact, I was quite surprised by how small San Gregorio really is. This highlights again how much of a blessing the new situation with Ss. Trinita really is.

Here are some images from the last Sunday Mass:

(Unlike the new church, located on a small piazza, San Gregorio is located down this dead-end street and was very hard to find. In fact, because there is not really a facade per se, simply looking down the street, one would be hard pressed to notice there was a church there at all.)

For an additional treat, the same Spanish gentleman who took these pictures also recorded the entire Mass. Here is a clip from the beginning of that Mass:

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