Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The first images from Sunday's Solemn Mass at Santissima Trinita, Rome

This is the first in a number of posts on the new personal parish for the usus antiquior in the See of Rome. Soon to come will be video, as well as some further "behind the scenes" photography, not to mention some very high quality photos. I don't have convenient access to these at the present moment, and as well, I am just back in from Rome and have been awake now for 24 hours, so I will suffice it to show you these few photographs for tonight.

Prior to Mass:

Preparations in the Sacristy prior to Mass:

(As I mentioned, the crowd very quickly turned to overflowing with many people crowding the back of the church as well as the spaces around the side altars. This picture does not show this, but it was an impressive sight to see.)

A few images from the Mass itself:

(The Auxiliary Bishop makes the official announcement of the erection of the personal parish)

In the sacristy following Mass:

Again, there is much more to come. This is only meant as a quick, preliminary taste.

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