Saturday, August 04, 2007

Sacred Music Colloquium XVIII

Most preliminary details for the Sacred Music Colloquium XVIII are in place. The dates are June 16-21, 2008 (Monday noon through Saturday evening). The location is Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois. Here is the main conference site. Here is the preliminary schedule. Here is the link to Register online or by mail. Here you can download the poster or brochure.

Why Loyola in Chicago? It is a beautiful campus, and the scouting team was very impressed at what they had to offer, and also impressed by the attitude of the staff: they were thrilled at the idea of hosting the Colloquium. The liturgical team was pleased to offer their gorgeous chapel for the celebration of Mass in the ordinary and extraordinary use. The dorms are mercifully livable and comfortable. The facilities overall, for rehearsals etc., are outstanding in every way. The food is tip top. And the charm of being right by the sea was overwhelming.

Last year, as many people know, we had a good-kind-of problem: we could not accommodate all who wanted to attend, so we actually had to shut of registrations two months in advance. Loyola, on the other hand, is happy to double and triple size of last year. Many people were deeply disappointed when registrations closed last year, and we just don't want to have this happen again. Even then, there is a good chance that this one will fill to capacity by December, so be aware.

There is also the added dimension of the presence of the priests of St. John Cantius, who have been unfailingly helpful, and will help with the colloquium.

It is a big undertaking for an organization with no paid staff, to be sure, but it is a work we all love. This is the essential training ground for the new scholas that have been popping up in parishes around the country, and the inspirational setting for new ones that will continue to founded and expanded.

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