Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More Oxford training session photos

Further to NLM's own Joseph Shaw who is at the Oxford usus antiquior training conference, the Schola Sainte Cecile also have some photographs of their own:

(Looking back from just before the sanctuary toward the organ. The screen you see there was originally intended to be the rood screen with the seating being part of the chancel. The mediaeval church never met its original aspirations, but makes a splendid venue for the celebration of the Divine Office and Mass -- with due Catholicizations of course!

The sanctuary and altar. It's amazing to me how this view of the chapel can become engrained so quickly. Seeing these photos reminds me greatly of the very same images I saw at CIEL Oxford last September.

Vespers: Bishop Rifan of Campos, Brazil

Acting as deacon is a deacon, the Rev. Dr. Laurence Hemming of the Society of St. Catherine of Siena

The Offertory: Some of you may recognize this vestment set from the Chartres Pilgrimage. They are one of my very favourite set of vestments.

To see all of their pictures, please visit their site via the link above and go through the various posts.

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