Monday, August 20, 2007

Gregorian Chant for Everyone

It is a common experience at papal liturgies: everyone in the world joins to sing a chant hymn such as “Regina Caeli” or “Ave Maria” - except Americans, who have sadly neglected the chant tradition for several decades. It was to rectify this problem that Cardinal Arnize came to St. Louis last year to urge Americans to take up chant again.

As important as specialized scholas are, it is also critical that every Catholic in the pew learn the chant again, to make it their own, and overcome the fear and intimidation factor that comes with singing unfamiliar music in Latin.

To address the issue in our own parish, the St. Cecilia Schola is starting Monday night chant class for men and women of all ages. We’ll teach the basic chant music of the Catholic faith. The classes are for everyone, even those who believe they cannot sing a note. Join us starting September 10th, 7:00-8:00pm, at St. Michael's Catholic Church, Auburn, Alabama. We’ll have lots of fun and learn to pray in a new way. And please bring your friends!

Here is the poster.

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