Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wild and crazy polyphony

Co-blogger Michael Lawrence is going to kill me for posting this but I found it funny and interesting enough. It is a video taken at the Friday night "coffeehouse polyphony" at the Colloquium this year - a half fun and half serious night of sight reading and singing of all sorts. You can tell by the exaggerated howls of laughter that people were pretty wound up!

Michael does the introductions and conducting. (I'm singing something here, though I don't remember what part.) The the music begins, and it becomes rather serious. Then it ends to fantastic applause. Maybe you had to be there! Yes, there are intonation issues but who knew this would be on a video for the world to see? Gravely irresponsible for me to post this!

The piece being read is Samuel Wesley's "Si iniquitates observaveris," which is for 3 voices. It is a wonderful piece, by the way.

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