Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Oxford Priests Training Conference

A few quick images from Solemn High Mass today at the Oxford Priests Training Conference organised by the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales. The celebrant was Fr Anthony Conlon; the splendid vestments were on loan from Luzar Vestments. Bishop Slattery of Oklahoma is in the second picture; he will be celebrant at Pontifical High Mass tomorrow. This evening Bishop Rifan will celebrate Pontifical Vespers.

The canons with tonsures are American: they are Canons of the New Jerusalem, a new Traditional order. The singers of the liturgical schola are French.

The conference is going well, with 43 priests and seminarians attending to learn how to say the usus antiquior, the Traditional Mass. They are all ages and come from all over the country; interestingly, they include a number of convert clergymen from the Church of England.

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