Friday, August 03, 2007

Roma Felix...

Over the next week or so, I shall be uploading to Flickr a selection of photos from my recent pilgrimage to Rome, where I visited the seven pilgrimage churches and two of the catacombs. I took over 1500 photos, so it will take some time to edit them... The photos are of wide shots of the various churches and basilicas, the shrines of various saints, and beautiful details of sacred art and architecture. Each photo is accompanied by some relevant information, commentary or trivia.

Below is a sample, and the rest will be posted here. Do take a look, if you're interested, and leave a comment there.

Light from on High

"Peter, firm in Faith’s foundation,
on the cross confessed the Lord.
Paul, as witness to his teaching,
shared Christ’s Passion by the sword:
Crowned with wreaths of martyr-triumph;
crimson signs the walls of Rome.
Happy is that holy city:
blest by these great men of God."

- Verse 2 of a metricated English translation of the Office hymn(s) for the Feast of Ss Peter & Paul, which I wrote in 2006.

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