Monday, August 06, 2007

On the Continuing Growth of the Institute of the Good Shepherd -- and a comment

Via Le Forum Catholique (Source) I have heard a report that the Institute of the Good Shepherd (IBP - in French) have, or are in the process of, establishing a congregation of sisters who will help them in their apostolate.

Apparently the sisters will be modelled after the spirit of St. Vincent de Paul, being focused upon the apostolate and apostolic life (rather than the cloistered life) in a way similiar to Mother Teresa's sisters.

The contact for further information about this is:

Monsieur l’abbé Henri Forestier
Séminaire Saint Vincent de Paul
18, place A. Rillié
France Tel (personnel) :
EMail :

NLM Comment: A trend I've been noticing in the French (particularly, but possibly Europe more generally) classical use communities is that they have a very full and rounded out sense of pursuing the faith in conjunction with the classical liturgy.

We see focus upon "the new evangelization" called for by John Paul II, focus upon both the contemplative life and the active life and apostolate, focus upon catecheses as regards the Faith in various aspects, from chant tutorials to discourses on art and faith and science and faith; not to mention a particularly strong youth movement.

All of these elements are there within the sister movements in North America, but I think in a far less visible and organized way. It exists as pockets. I think we can look to this approach as a model.

There's no time like the present and perhaps some of our readers who are "moderate traditionalists" should consider organizing such initiatives at least online; start up a database, like for Summorum Pontificum, but for local Juventutem groups to get organized, and then start to create or get translated conferences such as those from the RJC and make them available -- which should be of interest to young and old alike.

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