Friday, August 03, 2007

Cultivating Fertile Soil in Europe: Reviving Pilgrim Routes

When Joseph Ratzinger took the name Benedict XVI, many surmised that this signaled a desire to re-evangelize Europe. Much that happened in the wake of Ratzinger's election seemed to confirm this conjecture.

Now we have this, which immediately brought to mind for me this focus on revivifying Europe. The Italian premier wants to re-establish the old medieval pilgrimage routes that have been lost. (Some, such as the road to Compostella, still exist.)

This seems to me to be exactly the kind of thing that is needed to re-build the Church--not five year pastoral plans, not parish surveys, not adding six more people to the parish staff, but rather opportunities to witness, as these pilgrimage routes most certainly are.

Now if only the French president would rebuild Cluny! :)

HT to Domenico Bettinelli.

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