Wednesday, August 01, 2007

2nd Anniversary

I just realized that two years ago today, the NLM was founded.

In that time, we've grown alot in many regards and I hope we can continue to grow, not only in our readership, but also in the quality and variety of the pieces we bring to you, all of course focused upon our primary, self-defined mandate, the sacred liturgy and the liturgical arts.

The NLM started off with the inspiration of CIEL in mind; of wishing to provide a reasonably scholarly approach to the issues and of course, non-polemical. It wished to emphasize a broad but legitimate diversity, tying in both the reform of the reform, the classical use movement, while also considering the variety in our Western liturgical history and in the Eastern churches. It wished to address matters historical and theological while also not excluding matters practical as regards typical parish liturgy. It wished to focus upon the liturgical rites themselves while not also forgetting the liturgical arts which are so fundamental to it; art, music, architecture and so forth. Moreover, it has hoped to provide relevant information not only from within the English speaking world, but also from other regions, particularly Europe (something we hope to increase). Finally, it also wished to occasionally provide some broader cultural and philosophical interludes as these things too can be found to be in relationship to the liturgy and our approach to it.

That was the vision then, and it is still the vision now.

It is worth noting that the NLM wouldn't be able to do what it does without the very important contributions of its readership; a readership which points us to stories here and abroad, as well as often providing interesting and qualitative conversations in the comments. Often times the former are sent to me in email, and I am not always able to respond, or even use all of the references sent to me, but I am always extremely grateful for the information and it takes much burden off of my own shoulders. Thank you.

Please continue to send us your news tips, event notices, story ideas, photos and please continue to contribute your own thoughts, knowledge and experiences (non-polemically of course!) in the comments.

While you are at it, please pray for the NLM.

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