Wednesday, April 10, 2019

More Tutorials on Reading Tones

We recently posted a series of tutorial videos on the special tones for the last six prophecies of the Easter vigil; the original book with the prophecies written out on staff notation can be found here. The person who made them also sent in four others, which may prove useful for those preparing to sing readings at the upcoming ceremonies of Holy Week. The readings tones in the second, third and fourth videos can all be used at Tenebrae and the Easter vigil. As a reminder, at this article from 2016, you can find information on yet another special tone, created by members of the FSSP for the first reading.

An alternative tone for the Twelfth Prophecy, Daniel 3, 1-24.
The printed version on staff notation can be found in the book Laudes Festivae, an interesting collection of special chants for many important days of the liturgical year. It was compiled by Fr Beatus Reiser, a Benedictine and professor at the Pontifical athenaeum for liturgical studies in Rome, the Anselmianum, and published in 1940. You will find the prophecy on pages 129-138 of the pdf version, 103-112 of the internal (printed) page numeration.
One of the reading tones from the Liber Usualis, the “ancient solemn tone.”
The regular ferial tone
The second prophecy of the Easter vigil is used an example.
Another solemn tone from the Liber Usualis

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