Thursday, April 04, 2019

Tutorials for the Special Tones of the Easter Vigil Prophecies

Three years ago, we published a link to a book of special tones for the last six of the twelve prophecies of the Easter vigil. A reader has just made available to us a series of video tutorials on how to sing these tones, which we hope will prove a useful resource. The author has provided us with a few other similar videos which we will publish in a separate post in a day or two.

UPDATE: The original booklet can no longer be downloaded from site linked in our post from 2016. It can now be downloaded from the website of the Cappella Gregoriana Sanctae Caeciliae, thanks to Mr Jesson Allerite.

Seventh Prophecy - Ezechiel 37, 1-14
Eighth Prophecy - Isaiah 4, 1-6
Ninth Prophecy - Exodus 12, 1-11
Tenth Prophecy - Jonah 3, 1-10
Eleventh Prophecy - Deteronomy 31, 22-30
Twelfth Prophecy - Daniel 3, 1-24

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