Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Spy Wednesday 2019

Truly it is worthy ... through Christ, Our Lord. Who though innocent, did will to suffer for the impious, and undeservedly be condemned for the wicked; Whose death wiped away our offenses, and Whose Resurrection brought our justification. Through Him we humbly beseech Thy compassion, that today Thou may cleanse us of our sins, and tomorrow, fill us with the riches of the venerable Supper. Today, do Thou accept the confession of our offenses, and tomorrow, grant us the increase of Thy spiritual gifts; today accept the offering of our fast, and tomorrow, bring us into the banquet of the Most Holy Supper. Through the same Christ, Our Lord. (The Ambrosian Rite Preface of Spy Wednesday.)

A votive painting of the Man of Sorrows, with the Eucharist and symbols of the Passion, originally from the church of St Nicholas, in Brzeg, Poland, now in the National Museum in Warsaw. The inscription on the border says “In the year of the Lord 1428, this city and church were laid waste and burnt by the enemies of Jesus Christ, the Hussite heretics; later on, this plaque was commissioned in the year of the Lord 1443 by the chaplain (‘altaristam’) N. Kaecherdorff.” (Public domain image from Wikimedia.)
Vere quia dignum... Per Christum, Dominum nostrum. Qui innocens pro impiis voluit pati, et pro sceleratis indebite condemnari. Cujus mors delicta nostra detersit, et resurrectio justificationem nobis exhibuit. Per quem tuam pietatem supplices exoramus, ut nos hodie a peccatis emacules; cras vero venerabilis Coenae dapibus saties; hodie acceptes nostrorum confessionem delictorum: cras vero tribuas spiritualium incrementa donorum; hodie jejuniorum nostrorum vota suscipias: cras vero nos ad Sanctissimae Coenae convivium introducas. Per eundem Christum Dominum nostrum.

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