Sunday, April 07, 2019

Passion Sunday 2019

My tribulation is near, o Lord, and there is none to help me, that they pierce my hands and my feet; save me from the lion’s mouth! * That I may declare thy name to my brethren. V. O God, deliver my soul from the sword, and my only one from the power of the dog. That I may declare thy Name unto my brethren. My tribulation is near... (The sixth responsory at Matins of Passion Sunday.)

Crucifix by Cimabue, 1267-71, from the church of St Dominic in Arezzo, Italy
R. In próximo est tribulatio mea, Dómine, et non est qui ádjuvet; ut fodiant manus meas et pedes meos: líbera me de ore leónis, * ut enarrem nomen tuum frátribus meis. Erue a frámea, Deus, ánimam meam, et de manu canis únicam meam. Ut enarrem. In proximo.

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