Monday, April 22, 2019

The Fire in Our Lady’s Church - Art, Evangelism, and Catechesis

Your musician-hosts of Square Notes: The Sacred Music Podcast have emerged from the busiest season of the year to wish you a happy Easter, and send along another episode of the show.

In light of the world’s attention on the fire last week at Notre Dame, we hope this episode will be a helpful discussion for you about how the Church has brought people to the Catholic faith through painting, architecture, and sacred music in the past, and what that can teach us about how to evangelize and catechize in our own time.

Our interview is with Dr. Elizabeth Lev, who is a renowned art historian and dynamic speaker who communicates the power of religious art and why becoming aware of this power is so important for the Church and the world today. We discuss her recently published book, How Catholic Art Saved the Faith, and how music, like the visual arts, can lead people to understand and love the truths of the Faith by presenting them with artistic beauty.

This episode (as all episodes) is also available on YouTube.

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