Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Holy Thursday 2019 Photopost (Part 1)

Time to begin moving the mountain of photopost submissions for the Sacred Triduum! There will be at least two more of Holy Thursday, before we move on to the others, so we are still glad to receive more (send to: We thank everyone for their contributions, and wish all our readers a joyful Easter week. Evangelize through beauty!
Holy Innocents - New York City
St Gianna Oratory - Tuscon, Arizona (ICKSP)
 Damenstiftkirche - Munich, Germany (FSSP)
 The stripping of the altar.
Cathedral of St Paul - Birmingham, Alabama
St Paul - Birkirkara, Malta
St Gerard Majella - Tilberg, The Netherlands
St Anthony of Padua - Buffalo, New York
San Simon Piccolo - Venice, Italy (FSSP)
Cathedral of the Holy Rosary - Vancouver, Canada
Celebrated by H.E. J. Michael Miller, Archbishop of Vancouver
The stripping of the altar.

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