Monday, April 15, 2019

Events: Traditional Catholic Retreats Offered by Dom Pius Mary Noonan, OSB

Recently I was blessed with an opportunity to meet Dom Pius Mary Noonan, OSB, founder of the Notre Dame Priory in Tasmanian, Australia, and to spend some days with his burgeoning community of Benedictine monks. Like Norcia and Silverstream, this monastery follows the traditional Divine Office and Holy Mass.

Dom Pius asked me to share with readers of NLM the announcement about retreats that he and confreres will lead in Ohio in late September and early October 2019. Places are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, so those who are interested in attending should request information or register sooner rather than later. Noteworthy is the availability of daily Mass in the usus antiquior, still a relative rarity at retreats (something we hope will soon change).

(In case readers are curious about the Spiritual Exercises being preached by a Benedictine, it should be noted that Dom Pius, prior to founding the monastery in Tasmania, was a monk of Flavigny, a monastery famous for its Ignatian retreats, in French and in English, over the course of many years, and in several countries.)

The flyer is copied below.

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