Thursday, November 23, 2017

An Italian Documentary on the Carthusians, 1972

Another great discovery on Youtube, a documentary filmed in the Charterhouse of Vedana in northern Italy (close to Belluno, in the province of the Veneto) by Italian television in 1972. The narration is too long to give a translation, but even if you don’t speak any Italian, it gives a lot of very nice images of the Carthusian life, including a chapter, (ca 10:30) with the general confession of faults (12:00), and a part of the Office towards the end (ca. 22:00).

The soundtrack music is very typical of the era, and perhaps more than a little distracting; it makes me appreciate even more how appropriate it was to have no soundtrack for so much of The Great Silence. At 5:30, it is stated that there were 12 priests (only 1 of whom was Italian) and 10 conversi, of whom 9 were Italian, in this house in 1972. Unfortunately, there are no monks there today, although plans have been discussed to install another community in the complex.

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