Thursday, November 09, 2017

Dominican Rite Calendar for 2018

Contents of the Humbert Codex
I am pleased to announce that the Dominican Rite Liturgical Calendar for 2018 is now available on the left sidebar at Dominican Liturgy.   It is found under "Dominican Rite Texts--Downloadable.

This calendar gives the feasts of the year according to the rubrics of 1962 and also includes (for votive use) those Dominican saints and blesseds added to the Dominican calendar after 1962.  In addition it includes all saints and blesseds approved for celebration in the United States, as well as the feasts proper to those dioceses where the four American Dominican Provinces have houses.

I have also indicated the feasts of dedication for consecrated Dominican churches, when I was able to find them.  If I have missed any, I ask my Dominican brothers to email me about them.  I would be happy to add the local feasts of other dioceses where there are Dominican houses, if I missed them.  Also, if anyone finds mistakes in this calendar, for example the names of ordinaries, please email me about them so that I can fix them before New Year's.

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