Tuesday, November 07, 2017

The All Souls Requiem Mass at Wyoming Catholic College

In an earlier post I shared some photos of the Eucharistic Procession and Vespers with which Wyoming Catholic College sets apart All Saints as a special day.

The chaplaincy also sets apart November 2nd as a special day by celebrating a Requiem Missa cantata. This year the men’s schola prepared the Introit from Cristóbal de Morales’ five-part Requiem, often considered one of his final works and a sublime masterpiece by any standard. Morales gives the cantus firmus of the introit chant to the top line, here sung by the countertenor freshman whom we are delighted to have in the ensemble!

The remainder of the Mass was sung in the chant given in the Liber Usualis. Here is the Gradual.

A few photos of the occasion:

Lighting the Sanctus candle

Another motet from the WCC Men’s Schola: Jacob Handl’s 4-part “In nomine Jesu.”

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