Thursday, August 22, 2013

Australian Catholic Students Association - Annual Conference

A recent encouraging report from an anonymous reader:

OF Mass with Bishop McGuckin
The annual conference of the Australian Catholic Students Association (ACSA) took place this year in Brisbane on the 5th, 6th and 7th of July. The conference theme was Foundations of the faith, which was inspired by the current Year of Faith. The principle guest speakers were; Archbishop Mark Coleridge of Brisbane, Bishop McGuckin of Toowomba, Professor Greg Craven from the Australian Catholic University and Dr Ryan Messmore, the president of Campion College (Australia’s only liberal arts college).

In regards to the Liturgies of the Conference, the conference was opened by Bishop McGuckin celebrating a Votive Mass of the Holy Spirit, in the Chapel of Duchene College University of Queensland. The simple chant Mass from the Missal and the relevant simple English propers were chanted.

EF Solemn Mass
In the evening, Fr Paul Chandler, a Priest of the Archdiocese of Brisbane and Spiritual director of Frasasti Australia, celebrated a Solemn High Mass in the extraordinary form. Following the Mass, the Sacrament was exposed and ACSA formally spent one hour in prayer together before the Blessed Sacrament. This concluded with Compline and Solemn Benediction.

The following day was begun with Lauds in the College Chapel. Fr Adrian Sharp, who acted as the Deacon the previous night, celebrated an ordinary form, ad orientem Mass at midday. Again the Simple Chant Mass from the Missal and the simple English propers were chanted. Before the Mackillop ball in the evening, several of the Clergy and students gathered in the Chapel to celebrate Solemn Vespers.

One of the OF Masses, with properly vested
deacons, which is a welcome sight
Sunday began with Lauds as well. The Conference was closed by a Solemn Ordinary form Mass. The Asperges was chanted in English, the Creed and even the general intercessions were chanted at this Mass in addition to the Ordinary and Propers. Fr Gregory Jordan SJ, the ACSA national Chaplain celebrated this Mass at the High altar of St Ignatius Church Toowong, with two con-celebrants, a deacon and a tunicled Acolyte.

The director of Music and organist was Martin Hartley, a student from Campion College and he was aided by an Ad-hoc schola of Students. Several seminarians were in attendance at the conference. Frassati Australia (a peer to peer men’s ministry which has a server’s guild), generously provided the servers for all the conference liturgies.

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