Friday, August 02, 2013

Happy 300th to the Oratorians of Verona!

This year the Oratory in Verona is celebrating its 300th anniversary. The Oratorians were given the Church of San Fermo Minor by Bishop Gianfrancesco Barbarigo in an official decree signed on 20 April 1713. I attended Mass there on Sunday and one of the Fathers kindly allowed me to take some photographs of the church. This is the altar of St Philip:

Here is a close up of the carving in the centre of the altar which depicts St Philip levitating during the consecration at Mass:

Here is the main altar:

At the back of the church is this shrine to Our Lady:

A statue of Saint Philip Neri stands in the entrance to the church:

Some photographs of the exterior of the church and the anniversary banner:

The Verona Oratory is in Via Filippini, Verona. More information (in Italian) about their tercentenary is available on their website.

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