Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Paraclete, Distributor of Solesmes books, picks up CMAA

Having been involved with the publication of many books from the CMAA over the years, I do consider it a hugely significant thing that Paraclete--long-time distributor of book from the Solesmes monastery--is now carrying CMAA books. They start with the Parish Book of Chant, 2nd edition. This book is a wonder and perhaps the most useful music book available today. It is the only small book of chant that contains the ordo for both the ordinary and extraordinary form of the Roman Rite, and it contains vast amounts of the musical patrimony, particularly in its complete Mass settings and expansive hymnody. In any case, to me, this moment really does represent a kind of leap into a new sector, and that's very exciting.

Try out Paraclete's interface, and let's get this first batch from the warehouse to your house in record time. A quick move like this will only encourage them to make greater capital investments on behalf of the newest liturgical materials designed to recapture our heritage for modern times.

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