Thursday, August 08, 2013

Spanish Sculptures at the London Oratory

The new statue of St Wilfrid in the Chapel of St Wilfrid at the London Oratory was sculpted by the young Sevillian artist Darío Fernández. The altar of St Wilfrid was the work of the architect Étienne Fayn (1712–90) and was originally the High Altar for the monastic church of St. Remy at Rochefort in Belgium. The Fathers of the Oratory are grateful to the generous benefactor who offered this fine gift for the glory of God and the honour of St Wilfrid.

Last year a Calvary scene, also by Darío Fernández, was installed at the Oratory. Fr. Anthony Symondson wrote an article about the Calvary on NLM last year. Here are some photographs:

Darío Fernández has a website here. (Photos: Charles Cole)

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