Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Dominican Rite Calendar for 2011 Available

I am happy to announce that the Dominica Rite Liturgical Calendar for 2011 is now available for download at Dominican Liturgy. This calendar reflects the norms and feasts as they were in 1962 and is thus compatible with the usage of the Extraordinary Form Rome Rite according to the provisions of Summorum Pontificum.

To this calendar, I have added the feasts of all Dominican saints canonized since 1962, on their original days if they were blessed in 1962, or if they were beatified and canonized after 1962, on the day assigned in the new calendar. Rank is assigned on the principle that a new saint is normally a third class feast. Feasts particular to the United States in 1962 are included in brackets; an appendix lists local feasts as they were in 1962 for those dioceses where the Western Dominican Province currently has houses.

I ask readers who find any errors in this calendar to note them in the comment box or to send me an email.

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