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FFI Roman Conference Analyzes Second Vatican Council, Rupture and Continuity

This past December 16-18th, a conference took place in Rome at the Istituto Maria SS. Bambina sponsored by the Franciscans of the Immaculate: Concilio Ecumenico Vaticano II: Un Concilio Pastorale, Analisi Storico, Filosofico, Teologica. [The Second Vatican Ecumenical Council: A Pastoral Council - Historical, Philosophical and Theological Analysis]

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The conference included a number of notable speakers, including some who have particularly contributed to the present debate and discussion in our times surrounding the Second Vatican Council and its implementation, particularly surrounding the themes of rupture and continuity in relation to the same.

The first who I would like to mention is Msgr. Brunero Gherardini, a Canon of St. Peter's Basilica, professor emeritus of the Pontifical Lateran University, and author of Concilio Ecumenico Vaticano II: Un Discorso da Fare [The Second Vatican Ecumenical Council: An Open Debate]. In that book (which carries a preface by Cardinal Ranjith), amongst other things he is reported as petitioning the Holy Father that the conciliar documents should be definitively considered in order to clarify the question of continuity or rupture. At the conference, he spoke on the topic of "Sull’indole pastorale del Vaticano II: una valutazione" [On the Pastoral Nature of Vatican II: An Evaluation]

Second, Professor Roberto De Mattei, author of Il Concilio Vaticano II: Una Storia Mai Scritta [The Second Vatican Council: An Unwritten Story] who spoke on the topic of "La Chiesa nel XX secolo. Immagini di un repentino cambiamento" [The Church in the Twentieth Century: Images of Sudden Change]

Also presenting at this conference, and mentioned here many times before, Archbishop Agostino Marchetto, author of The Second Vatican Ecumenical Council: A Counterpoint for the History of the Council -- in which book he challenges the rupturist interpretation of the Council and the Bologna school. Archbishop Marchetto spoke on the topic of "Rinnovamento all’interno della Tradizione" [Renewal within Tradition].

As well, Don Nicola Bux, a professor of sacramental theology at the Theological Faculty in Bari (Italy), a consultor of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith as well as for the Office of Liturgical Celebrations of the Supreme Pontiff, who spoke at the conference on the matter of "Sacrosanctum Concilium and Its Execution After the Council" [La Sacrosanctum Concilium e la sua esecuzione postconciliare: dagli adattamenti all'inosservanza dello ius divinum nella liturgia].

Finally, I would make note of the presence of Bishop Athanasius Schneider, the auxiliary bishop of Karaganda, Kazakhstan and author of Dominus Est, who spoke on the topic of "Pastoral Theology: Developments in the Light of Vatican Council II Read Correctly" [La teologia pastorale: sviluppi alla luce del Vaticano II per leggere correttamente il Concilio].

The most detailed commentary of the conference I have so far found comes from Approfondimenti di "Fides Catholica, written by Florentine priest, Fr. Serafino M. Lanzetta of the Franciscans of the Immaculate.

Additionally, a French language blog, Osservatore Vaticano (discovered by way of Rorate Caeli) is reporting that Bishop Athanasius Schneider, in the course of his presentation, has suggested the possibility that a syllabus of the misinterpretations of the Second Vatican Council be considered by the Church.

The NLM will certainly endeavour to find an official report and accounting of this conference, which, no doubt, is an important contribution toward the study of the hermeneutics of rupture and continuity in relation to the Council and its implementation.

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